I offer spiritual answers to your concerns. Enriching your life. I show you tools to overcome fears, old behaviours. I empower you with confidence to go forward


As soon as you walk through the door I will put you at ease. I call upon spiritual guides who give their guidance through the tarot. From there I determine the areas of concern and delve deeper….more

Meditation Courses 1 and 2

Learn the way I was taught by my guru forty years ago and have been practising this way ever since….

Psychic Development

I come across so many people who want me just to teach them psychic development . People want to hear messages, see guides and  others want answers….more

Energy Healing

Everything within and on this living planet and beyond operates by energy!!
“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
-Sir Isaac Newton….more

Call upon Archangel Michael

There are many times in life when we cannot cope, that life becomes unmanageable, we’ve tried all imaginable ways possible to find a solution, even hope that this present  situation will pass. We don’t have to be at our lowest ebb, or hit rock bottom to ask for help. Who better to ask than our […]


I  will show you what crystals are best for you to use in your daily life and how to use them….

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