Call upon Archangel Michael

There are many times in life when we cannot cope, that life becomes unmanageable, we’ve tried all imaginable ways possible to find a solution, even hope that this present  situation will pass.

We don’t have to be at our lowest ebb, or hit rock bottom to ask for help.

Who better to ask than our dear beloved friend Archangel Michael – A friend to us all.


Well we all have a spiritual guide some will call this a guardian angel, we don’t walk this life on our own even if it feels like that most of the time.

There is a greater  power out there…. A power an energy so great that all  we need do is as ask  for help.

So what stops us, well this could be our belief systems our faith, our association with  “the fairies” or more precisely worried what others might say if they knew we were away with “the fairies”

We put so much energy into worrying about what others think that we forget the most basic human need ….help. To Ask for Help.

yantraAs old as time , mankind has reached out to help others. Through evolution it’s an  instinctual quality ,just like a cub signals to its mother for food comfort guidance or answers?

Archangel Michael is an energy a power a person, it is  a way to make contact with  a higher power that holds no judgmental opinion against you, a power that yearns to listen nurture and protect us in our times of need in our times of doubt when questioning life.

Sometimes we need  the confidence to break the cycle , move forward, detach from old behavior.

Archangel Michaels presence is unique to you alone , he will talk to you in only a way that you can understand through feelings,  sense,  presence,  taste,  touch , whatever vehicle he uses to make  contact with he will communicate with you.

He asks  of only one thing….. trust….trust  him when you call on him. Open your heart and bear all, it’s ok to be vulnerable it’s ok to doubt it’s ok to cry.

So who is archangel Michael? , he is the doorkeeper to all of our Spiritual  guides known and unknown, Ascended Masters, Angels, Planetary beings like the moon and Saturn )who you will hear more of later on) and more…yantra
Archangel Michael stands in his almighty coat of brilliant golden  wings doused in divine electric purple energy holding his gallant jeweled  sword of justice in his right hand.

He is the remover of all obstacles, he fights for all injustices carved upon us from past karma to the present afflictions in our present life.

No matter what the problem, stress at work, difficult customers, or colleagues, challenging times, financial difficulties to panic attacks, anxiety and moments of distress….the list is from here to eternity, be sure to know that  if we call upon him and invite him into our lives he will truly help us.

For us to progress we must first experience the tower falling down, we must expect everything to sometimes simply collapse before us , but trust in him and he will be with you guiding you to clearer paths,

With you he will heal your past…. the roots that hold you back, block your progress, cloud your mindset. With your help he will help heal the symptoms of  depression , low mood , low confidence, low self esteem to name but a few.
yantra“His jeweled sword of amethyst, moonstone and  dazzling fluorite beads embezzled  with striking  rubies and warming citrine gems, bathed in the coolness of green aventurine and closets of  deep fiery red jasper burns through our distress leaving the coolness of breeze caressing our unburdened soul, he bathes  us with serenity and everlasting protection , our commitment to one another is a treasured trust that no one can sever.” Sheenashanti

I invite you to share your angelic experiences with me and others, here I will help you to work closer with Archangel Michael to become empowered by his energy and learn from his teachings.

Knowledge is a wonderful gift, but a greater gift if you can unconditionally share it with others.


Please remember to sit in harmony with Archangel Michael

Sit in a quiet area, if you have some lavender oil wipe over a surface, here you will light two white night lights. If you can, print a picture of Archangel Michael from the Internet, if possibly ensure he is holding a sword in the right hand.

This is symbolic of severing all that is holding you back.
If you don’t have a picture then just focus on a waterfall

Now take nine deep breaths in from the stomach. Now call in Archangel Michael by saying in love and light, repeat this three times. Ask him to come in and to be with you and heal you.
Now talk to him as though he was sitting opposite you.
Empty your heart open, empty all your emotions, now sit still and take nine deep breaths in from the stomach and exhale. Imagine a golden and purple Ray of light over you, sit in silence feel its presence.
Now ask the Moon and Saturn to be at peace with you, and say the following three times.

“I relax into the flow of life and let life flow through me with ease